İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş.

Data Storage & Backup Admin

İstanbul(Avp.), Türkiye



The person who will take charge of the Istanbul Airport IT Infrastructure team will perform storage, backup, disaster recovery processes, storage systems, management of SAN infrastructure, backup systems and perform disaster recovery scenarios when necessary.

İş Tanımı

Responsible for the management of SAN and NAS systems,

Monitor performance on storage systems, taking corrective actions against errors, managing service requests which are forwarded to manufacturer,

To perform installation, maintenance and version updates on storage systems

Ensuring high availability of the systems,

Creating backup policies according to data type and business needs by creating backup strategies,

Preparing recovery scenarios from backup, making regular restore tests and reporting,

Experienced in backup and recovery in Server and Client environments,

To manage the capacity of infrastructure hardware and license resources, to determine future needs, to manage the budgeting, purchasing and commissioning processes.

Genel Nitelikler

Graduated from Computer, Electrical/Electronics or related engineering departments of universities,

Experienced in storage management, preferably in EMC & Netapp product family,

Having experience in Storage and SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure and NAS (Network Attached Storage),

Experienced in backup software management (preferably Netbackup)

Preferably intermediate level Linux knowledge,

Fluent in English,

Have problem solving and analytical thinking skills,

Inclined to teamwork,

Completed military service for male candidates.

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